Shining Light

Taking Humanitarian Aid to the Balkans War & Europe’s Refugee Crisis. Charles Storer MBE of Hope and Aid Direct

April 11, 2020

Charles Storer set up Hope and Aid Direct in response to the devastating effects of the late 90s Balkans war, taking humanitarian aid to innocent people in desperate need in war-torn countries. Over twenty years on, and now concentrating on Europe's refugee crisis, Chas and his amazing wife Bev continue to take convoys of humanitarian aid to people that need it, along with their team of ever-growing and loyal volunteers (with 10,000+beneficiaries and counting!) 

An episode that is particularly poignant for those running or thinking about building a charity, especially those entirely volunteer-run. We delve into the current toxic political situation in Europe and Syria, how to get around (or go through) obstacles, the ability to spin plates, and switching from a career in banking to a career as a humanitarian. 

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